The purpose of this site is to organize and activate a grassroots movement within the Microsoft Contractor employee pool to help thwart off illegal compensation adjustments.  This organization of CSG staff will put pressure on vendor firms to re-think their stance on the recently announced rate cuts in employee pay.  To start I have set up an online petition which can be found on the petition tab of this page. In the effort of organizing this effort, I ask for your help, as this cannot possibly be achieved by one person. To effectively alter the course of action of the vendor firms and contracting agencies, sufficient pressure MUST be applied, in so much that there arises a ‘good business reason’ to alter their course.

Overview of the Issue:

MSRateCuts is cutting the rates it pays its temporary staffing agencies by 10 percent, the Seattle P-I has learned.

As part of a plan to cut spending on contingent staff by up to 15 percent, Microsoft notified all of its temporary staffing agencies last week that it was reducing its bill rates by 10 percent.

At least one agency, Aditi Staffing, is passing the cuts on to employees, who will make less per hour effective Saturday.

“As a result of this mandatory change by Microsoft, it has unfortunately become necessary for us to make salary adjustments for all workers on assignment at Microsoft,” according to an Aditi Staffing memo to employees this week, which the P-I obtained.

The Reasons We NEED to Act:

  1. This incident will discourage quality talent from applying for CSG positions in the future thus lowering the overall product quality at Microsoft.
  2. The nature of forced renegotiation of a contracted pay rate creates a precedent for vendor companies to lower contract rates mid-term in the future thus an employee may start at 50$ / hr and possibly end at 10$ an hour. If the companies are not held to their word on pay rate it opens the door in the future for this to occur on a larger scale
  3. Upholding the contract is the responsibility of BOTH the contractor (CSG) and the vendor company.
  4. In a time where people are being laid off, a pay cut for some is the same as being laid off. For some almost being able to pay rent just isn’t enough.


This constitutes an adjustment of contract rate adjustment in terms of service which is ILLEGAL. Our actions related to this injustice will include the following:

  • Online petition presented to the various vendor companies urging a change in course
  • Quiet protests including Sit outs, ‘I am a Contractor’ T-Shirt Day and the like. (Suggestions?)
  • Legal consultation with labor law firms in an effort to determine legal precedent.
  • Legal action (Scope of which TBD)
  • Other (Help with ideas please)